Calcium magnesium zinc is important for the health. This is what the doctor preached after I was brought to the hospital because I fell unconscious on the ground. This happened after thirty minutes of staying under the sun for a basketball game.


Sources Of Nature Made Calcium Magnesium And Zinc With Vitamin D

Although the doctor told me to get some supplement from the drug store, I opted to go to the supermarket seeking out food with these minerals. I’m not a big fan of tablets and capsules. This is the main reason for this quest.

Since I love nuts, I decided to look for types that consist of these minerals in foods. I was glad that I found two types of nuts that I enjoy eating anytime of the day.



First on the list of foods is my favorite, almond. According to health experts, almonds contribute about 25% of my daily requirement for the three minerals. Almonds are also recommended as substitutes for dairy products like milk and cheese for my calcium need. Aside from magnesium calcium and zinc, almonds are equipped with potassium for blood pressure regulation and are believed to produce copper and manganese that are needed to produce more energy.



Peanuts are also mineral rich foods. Aside from calcium magnesium zinc, there are several vitamins and minerals present in peanuts. A natural antioxidant called reveratrol that fights diseases such as heart, nerve and cancer as well as Alzheimer’s is also present in peanuts. Mono-saturated fatty acids can also be found in peanuts, which have been proven to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.


The Calcium Magnesium Zinc Benefits

The family doctor was not convinced with my stubborn choices. So, the doctor decided to inform me about the benefits that I can derived from taking this type of supplement.


For The Heart

The doctor mentioned that increased intake of this supplement can lessen the recurrence of heart problems that are often caused by stress and high blood pressure. The supplements also minimize the chances of heart attack and the occurrence of coronary sickness.


For The Bone

Another one of the benefits of this particular supplement is development and promotion of healthy bones as well as repair of fractured and lost bones.


For The Respiratory System

By simply following the daily requirements of this supplement, the walls of my lungs can be relaxed as well as for my breathing to be normalized.


For Pain Relief


One of the best benefits of this supplement is the fact that it eases pain by relaxing muscles that often result to discomfort. The supplement helps to diminish tension and introduce relief.


Safety Precautions When Taking Magnesium Calcium Zinc

Before the family doctor gave me a prescription for the supplement that I needed as well the daily requirement, he asked me if I have medications with the same mineral content.


Calcium Magnesium And Zinc Overdose

Calcium Magnesium ZincThe doctor also advised that I religiously follow his prescription of the supplements to avoid supplement overdose. Some of the symptoms of overdosing are shortness of breath, dizziness and fainting.






All about Calcium

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