The family doctor advised that I take in calcium chews right after diagnosing me with exceptionally low levels of calcium level in my body. This is highly recommended because the product can be easily absorbed.

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Calcium magnesium zinc is important for the health. This is what the doctor preached after I was brought to the hospital because I fell unconscious on the ground. This happened after thirty minutes of staying under the sun for a… Continue reading

Calcium ascorbate is a compound made up of ascorbic acid also known as Vitamin C and calcium. The family doctor advised that I take this supplement because it involves taking just one supplement that deliver benefits of a mineral and… Continue reading

A dietitian friend who is also my best friend for sixteen years told me that two chocolate disks of Adora calcium are enough to complete my daily calcium requirement of 100 mg.


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Calcium magnesium is essential for the body because of the several bodily functions that it is responsible for.

For the past few months, the wife has been suffering from chronic conditions that no professional and medical expert was able to… Continue reading

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